Being in the pediatric field, I think I’ll need to get the mohel knife, just in case the rabbinical consult fails to go through.

(Thanks to Sir William of the Cohansey.)

Oh sweet jesus.


Dropped it on the floor and a seam opened up… gluing it back!

My cam clamps were a part of this  build! :)


Dropped it on the floor and a seam opened up… gluing it back!

My cam clamps were a part of this build! :)


My senior project, installed.


My senior project, installed.



So, today’s work involved finishing up the linings, and finally removing the mold! It came apart pretty easily thank goodness. If the ribs came apart while tring to take out the mold, I probably would’ve cried, haha. But now it’s time to trim the linings and blocks, make sure the ribs are level, and then start on carving the back!

(Source: candleandawick)



This bowlback mandolin was missing a section of purfling. Not just any standard purfling. No, this was a herringbone with one red side. We didn’t have any like that around the shop, so I deconstructed a regular black and white herringbone (carefully removing three b&w layers) and added a red layer. Fitted the piece, glued & trimmed it, and Marc says it’s a beautiful job. I’m pleased with it too. It just needs varnish now, matching the color of the aged varnish on the rest of it. 



Finally, a product that truly makes dovetails easy to make.

Made by Richard Shed Studios.

(Thanks to Chris Wong for the link.)



There’s nothing like the feeling of bringing life back into an instrument. Even with a junker.

I’m not completely done; needs a little bit more. A pickguard and finish work, nothing too difficult. Sounds pretty nice for a cheap laminate!


Today I finally came around to fixing a few issues with my first build:

  • Prepped it for a refret (had no idea what I was doing when I did it.)
  • Bridge reset (the bridge creeped forward when I glued it initially.)

I’ll update once I get fretwire and such. I’ll also be addressing the truss rod vibration problem it has and thinning it’s hefty neck.


What I did over the weekend:

  • Added a pegboard to my workbench
  • Made a handle for my violin maker’s knife
  • Glued up the fretboard on my junker guitar
  • Filled and decorated these cool little bottles Kelly gave me :)

Productive, huh? 

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